Massive Open Distributed Evaluation

Massive Open Distributed Evaluation

If we step back and look at all forms of evaluation in terms of the way that they are practiced in the real world – from the most scientific randomised

Is it time for a MEval?

A great deal of work is currently being undertaken by evaluation societies to develop professional recognition, either through qualification or credentialing. The aim here, in a sense, is to narrow

Maps: Simple Beautiful Organisation

For hundreds of years, maps have helped people to visualise and understand the world around them. ImpactReady are thrilled to be working on our own version of the modern map

Humble Design for a Social World

In our presentation of the J-Frame, we refer to “social design” as distinct from “total design”. Total design is a term we use to describe the world view of design

Programme Sustainability Model [HEURISTIC]

Based on our experience of designing and evaluating development initiatives, there are three elements that are critical for the sustainability of programmes. DRIVING FORCE The source of energy and momentum