DFID Evaluation of WFP Livelihood Programming in Karamoja, Uganda

Working in support of IOD PARC, an international development consulting firm, ImpactReady provided support to the design and implementation of an evaluation of the World Food Programme’s livelihood programming in Karamoja, Uganda.

Commissioned by the main donor, DFID, the evaluation considered the design, implementation and lessons of the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund 2 component operated by WFP. This seminal programme marked a major turning point in the Karamoja region, establishing a large scale food assistance programme that replaced decades of free handouts with targeted rations and distributions based on participation in livelihood activities. Operating across a range of complex livelihood zones and under insecure conditions, the programme is ambitious in its scale and the speed at which it has attempted to change the culture surround food assistance in the region. The lessons drawn out by the evaluation, through the participation of multiple stakeholders, helped to inform DFID’s future investments in the region.