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TeamReady is our Open Source software for managing field operations. Allocate tasks, collect indicators, and capture stories of change: see everything on a map, and download your activity stream to support reporting.

We created TeamReady to meet the need for a really simple answer to the field monitoring needs of international development organisations, community enterprises and project teams.

TeamReady is the software that powers My ImpactReady, which is free for small teams. Social impact organisations can apply for pro versions of TeamReady from the ImpactReady Foundation. We also provide paid-for hosted solutions with unlimited teams that can be branded to your organisation.

Software Development

Now is a great time to develop bespoke software tailored to your organisational needs and mission. ImpactReady is able to design, develop, manage, and support deployment of software that meets your unique needs: bringing together our combined insights into organisational growth, delivering social impact, and software development.


A huge amount of social impact data exists within international development organisations. The challenge we see is that this is too often fragmented and invisible, hosted in a massive variety of different software tools, with restricted access, not searchable, and with no mechanism of quality assurance.

DataReady is an action research project to understand and address this challenge. Cognisant of the existing efforts to address this challenge – including Publish What You Fund and various software packages – we are exploring the perspective of what the cross-institutional barriers are to data sharing and analysis. Starting by looking at the United Nations system, we are currently seeking partners to conduct openly published action research including testing practical tools to move forward.