Many people consider the London Underground Map designed by Harry Beck to be a modern design classic. Famed for its clarity and ease-of-use, his work has inspired hundreds of transport maps around the world.

To celebrate the idea of good design in evaluation, we decided to make our own version of the Tube Map. Building on work by John Galantini to reproduce the Tube Map in CSS, we have replaced all of the station names with evaluation-related methods, approaches and tools. Different tube lines represent different clusters of evaluation knowledge (such as software, philosophies or organisations).

EvalMap shows the incredible scope of the evaluation space. We wonder, how many of us have really visited more than just a handful of stations on this map? How often do we use same approach to evaluation, even when there are so many possibilities for us to discover.

We hope that EvalMap inspires you to go on your own evaluation journey! You can explore the mini version below, or visit the full map at evalmap.impactready.org.

EvalMap is part of our celebrations for EvalYear.