Experiential Social Value Leadership

Here we are, working with a large-scale multinational organisation – a ‘household name’ from the private sector (a brand name so famous even my Mum has heard of them) creating social impact in a far away land.

Large scale corporates creating social impact – really?

For real. I’ve just come back from India where we were making a film about it. A beautiful film it will be, too – courtesy of Josh’s wizardry – we’ll let you know as soon as the video is live.

OK, was it a one-off event, a PR opportunity?

Nope; this is part of a new global initiative, just one example from a target of fifty such episodes going on throughout the year. It’s a thing, a serious thing – it’s not philanthropy, nor is it a box-ticking exercise – not a hint of greenwash in sight. From our corporate partners’ point of view it’s a deeply strategic programme and they are investing heavily. We chose this one to film because – well, you’ll see when you see the film. India, cotton fields, India. And, well, India.

So what are we talking about here?

It’s a leadership programme of the experiential kind, where the professional time of people with high levels of expertise, capacity and experience is being invested wisely: such that their knowledge and skills are creating a legacy of social value for local communities.

Epic Win:Win

Alongside its delivery partners, Power of Youth is spearheading the provision of international Growth Programmes. And we at ImpactReady are supporting the cause – we simply can’t get enough of it.

Growth Programmes link young, fast-growth game-changing businesses in emerging markets around the world with highly talented personnel from established and market-leading multinational businesses. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurial exchange programme for ambitious middle managers.

Yet the programmes offer much more, by holding a dual aim. One objective is to strengthen the game-changing business and, in so doing, their potential for social impact. This happens through the provision of high value consultancy, supplied pro bono by the Growth Partner. The logic is simple: if a young social business is given the right kind of business support at the right time – and probably before it can afford to pay for it – its potential for creating more impact grows. For-impact businesses made stronger equals more social impact.


Value Exchange

Meanwhile, in the opposite direction, there is an equally precious value flow: for the corporate advisor the exchange experience provides a unique and immersive leadership, entrepreneurship and global affairs learning experience. The kind that reignites individual passion, the kind that reveals true inner purpose. “Life-milestone” kinda thing. Trajectory change moment.

And it goes further still – Growth Partners want more than to just give their up-and-coming talent a memorable secondment overseas. Yes, it’s a really nice perk, but what’s the point in perks if the business itself doesn’t directly benefit?

Our partners believe that by enabling their people to experience for six weeks the context, culture and rhythm of an entrepreneurial business, they in turn stand to gain extraordinary insight into growth markets. They learn what makes today’s entrepreneurial landscape different, and they learn to speak the same language. One-by-one they build unique relationships in the networks of emerging markets and develop mutual trust – the cornerstone of winning new clients.

So credit where credit is due: building a 10-, 15-, or 25-year pipeline of business development isn’t a bad idea, is it? And we might even create corporate behaviour change in the process.

Want to get involved?

If you are a for-purpose entrepreneur… Contact us to see how your business might benefit from receiving pro bono consultancy.

If you are a business… Our group of Growth Partners is expanding all the time – talk to us.

And if you are just interested – fantastic. Maybe you can help us build the movement somehow?