Mapping UNEG Norms and Standards 2005-2016

Mapping UNEG Norms and Standards 2005-2016
Joseph Barnes | 22 April

 UNEG Norms and Standards 2005   UNEG Norms and Standards 2016 Norm 1: Definition NORM 1 Internationally agreed principles, goals and

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3 evaluation reads for the New Year
Joseph Barnes | 21 December

2016 is nearly upon us, which means the start of a brave new world for international development evaluation. After EvalYear

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The Art of Evaluation
Joseph Barnes | 9 November
A celebration of creative approaches to evaluation design and communication
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The importance of indicators
Joseph Barnes | 8 October

Last year a story in the Guardian emphasised the importance of being sensitive to how we collect monitoring data –

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6 essentials for getting your own software developed
Raoul de Villiers | 6 October

Thinking about getting your own software developed? Now is the time! Think back a few short years to the early

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8 ideas for visualising evaluation
Sara Vaca | 6 October

The emerging field of Data Visualization invites us to explore its countless possibilities to foster information sharing, analysis and learning

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The 24 most common Theories of Change
Joseph Barnes | 30 July

In our evaluation work we often have to reconstruct the hidden theories of change under by organisations and programmes. Whilst

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3 types of evaluator
Joseph Barnes | 9 June

What type of evaluator is your preference? Positivist, Constructivist or Transformative? Quiz created by: Sara Vaca and Joseph Barnes as

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Women’s Economic Empowerment Evaluation
Joseph Barnes | 12 May

In 2014, ImpactReady and InsightShare undertook a Global Thematic Evaluation of Women’s Economic Empowerment with UN Women. The main report

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Joseph Barnes | 15 March

Many people consider the London Underground Map designed by Harry Beck to be a modern design classic. Famed for its

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