Protecting the Rights of the Child in India


It’s time the world learned something about Butterflies.

In 1989 a small group of dedicated professionals in Delhi came together to take a stand: to protect the children they could see were most at-risk of abuse, neglect and torment.

Now, more than 25 years later, the Butterflies team is making systemic interventions to ensure the rights of children are protected at every level of society, involving 140 partner organisations across South Asia.

ImpactReady accepted an invitation to help tell the incredible story of Butterflies India to the world.

By undertaking this project ImpactReady is facilitating a reflective and creative process for Butterflies, bringing in two skills sets in particular:

  1. Firstly, enquiry: the purpose being to hear from members of the Butterflies team and elicit what they understand to be true about the nature of the organisation’s programme delivery, key activities and how everything fits together;
  2. Secondly, advocacy: for ImpactReady to bring fresh ideas regarding impact measurement, analysis and the development of impact indicators which are meaningful, practical and simple.


  • A theory of change
  • A results framework linked to this theory of change and grounded in international best practice
  • Guidance and tools for collecting results data (the impact indicators)
  • Guidance for processing the data
  • An outline organisation development plan and/or requirements for rolling out the new system