Sierra Leone Youth Perception Survey

With support from the UN Development Programme in Sierra Leone, ImpactReady have been supporting the National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) to deliver the first national youth perception survey.

560 stakeholders, including 420 young people, representing every district in the country were asked a range of questions about the situation faced by young people. Youth-related issues are of enormous importance in Sierra Leone, where the legacy of conflict has been particularly severe for the social, political and economic inclusion of young people.

The data reveals:

  • Women are slightly (by 3%) more positive about the outlook for youth than men.
  • Urban youth are more positive (by 12%) than rural youth.
  • There is a corridor of greater concern about youth issues that runs across the centre-south of the country.

Young people and Civil Society Organisations were found to be less positive about the situation of youth than Media, Educators and Business Leaders. Analysis of indicators found that the main areas of concern to young people are:

  1. Health-related issues, such as reproductive health and drugs.
  2. Opportunities to step up and become leaders.