The Art of Evaluation

The Art of Evaluation

A celebration of creative approaches to evaluation design and communication

Using Design Persona in Evaluation

During a recent evaluation with UN Women of the global contribution that the Entity has made to women’s economic empowerment, we used personas – a human-centred design tool – to

Humble Design for a Social World

In our presentation of the J-Frame, we refer to “social design” as distinct from “total design”. Total design is a term we use to describe the world view of design

J-Frame Design Model [HEURISTIC]

The J-Frame is a model that we use to guide our design work and to choose approaches that are appropriate for the ‘social space’ (context) into which we are designing.

Affinity Mapping Usability of Humanitarian Evaluations

We recently undertook research for UNICEF’s Evaluation Unit as part of a submission to their Executive Board. Our contribution centred around the usability of evaluations and lessons that have emerged

Coventry University Disaster Management students learn about school feeding in emergencies

Drawing on our experience with designing school feeding programmes, and developing the global programme guidance for WFP school feeding, ImpactReady recently ran a scenario for undergraduate students on the disaster