UNICEF Global Evaluation Report Oversight System

As part of it’s commitment to improving the quality of evaluation in UNICEF, the agency’s Evaluation Office operates a Global Evaluation Report Oversight System. This receives and makes available evaluation reports from across UNICEF’s global, regional and country offices. Each report is reviewed according to a ratings system that is based on the UNICEF-adapted UNEG (United Nationals Evaluation Group) standards. This was co-developed by UNICEF and IOD PARC, with the participation of one of ImpactReady’s current partners, Joseph.

Having written a global meta evaluation based on the GEROS data as a staff member of IOD PARC 2009-2011, Joseph was invited to author the 2012 GEROS meta-evaluation. This not only analysed around 6,000 points of ratings data and 120,000 words of qualitative data, but it also drew out trends from across three years. The report also provided disaggregated analysis of different evaluation issues, placing particular emphasis on equity, human rights, gender and ethics.