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We provide practical and emotional support to early-stage initiatives with high potential to create social impact and tackle forgotten issues.

At the heart of our work is the CHILD design heuristic: Challenge > Hope > Innovation > Leadership > Delivery.

We think of our support in terms of “Venture Capacity”

ImpactReady Foundation is part of a bigger movement pushing the boundaries of how people and organisations work together, and what they work for. Some people call this post-capitalism, some call it the shared economy, others call it meta-modernism. Either way, it is the future. And we can help shape it.

At ImpactReady we bear witness to the fact that many of the highest potential social value creators are a long way from being in a position to pay for the growth support they need. To address this we are undertaking fundamental research into new business models to unleash the high-potential social impact sector.

We are not alone in this. But we are contributing our own unique voice to the conversation. We call our exploration Venture Capacity.

Venture Capacity is geared to creating the next long-wave of growth as a by-product of massive increases in social capital.

Our hypothesis: create the social-value unicorns, and the material wealth will follow.

Case Study: Global Poverty Project

To capture social return we are looking at redefining what money is and how it is created.

We are looking at organisation without organisations – using network effects to create massive distributed impact.

And, to boost the overall return of organisations, we are experimenting with a proactive approach. Beyond investing capital, we help to maximise the value-creation of organisations by bringing a suite of services and expertise into the mix.

Case Study: Power of Youth

In practice this means we aim identify high potential early-stage social organisations and connect them with professional volunteers to deliver a transformational package of support. Our approach includes:

  1. Governance and board support – a critical friend for founders and leaders to ignite their organisational structures and deliver lasting strategic vision
  2. Impact frameworks and assessment tools – maximising, capturing and communicating the social value created by our partners
  3. Grants – financial, technology and technical donations to overcome critical capacity gaps
  4. Network and advocacy – connecting and promoting our partners to people who can help turbocharge their future performance