The Platform

As a woman-owed business some of the questions we are exploring together are:

  • What does a business model grounded primarily in social value look like?
  • What does a feminised business look like?
  • What does it take to scale a nonhierarchical business?
  • How will consulting look in the next 100 years?

Maria Borisova

I bring together motivated and effective teams that deliver successful projects, and partnerships that deliver successful results. I’m particularly interested in the influence of gender on how people experience the world: I believe integrity is at the heart of leadership.

I grew up in the USSR and then Russia, before living and working around the world. I have always worked in diverse multi-national teams, supporting and leading teams operating across many different contexts – including the US, Turkey, Ethiopia, Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro, India, Russia, Zimbabwe, Moldova and the UK.

I live with my family between New York City and Southampton, UK.

Maria is a Senior Partner at ImpactReady, a professional partnership with a global footprint that supports organisations to maximise their social value. She specialises in supporting teams to deliver results through projects and partnerships that align with their vision for impact. Maria’s approach is born of first-hand experience and practice of building teams, opening markets, strengthening strategic relationships, and negotiating successful outcomes. Drawing on her international practice across the public and private sectors in a diverse range of contexts, a hallmark of Maria’s work is to cut through complexity and drive effective action.

With Maria’s help, teams accelerate the achievement of results. Maria has contributed to a wide-ranging set of organisations, including: UNFPA, UN Women, World Food Programme, Advocates for International Development, the Fund for Gender Equality, the Institute of Reproductive Health at Georgetown University; and media companies ranging from Boat International Media to partnerships with the Economist, Le Monde, USA Today, Forbes, and the Telegraph.


  • MA (Distinction) Global Society and Media Communication (majoring in Gender), Staffordshire University UK
  • BA State and Municipal Management, International University, Moscow