Work life balance?

Out of context this probably sounds a bit politically incorrect but we don’t really try to strike a work-life balance at ImpactReady. Instead we actively enable our partners to create and nurture their version of family.

We see our work is intrinsically connected with having healthy personal and family lives. We also acknowledge that the current burden of reproductive work in the world still falls asymmetrically on women. (By ‘reproductive’ we mean non-money-earning work… Typically the ‘stay at home’ domestic chores associated with family life.) 

It is our intention to actively explore this stuff and so we set ourselves some targets to play with. We’ll let you know how we get on 🙂 

1. At all times we will respect and protect the position of our partners who make decisions based on putting their family first;

2. The partnership will never place a burden of expectation on any partner to generate a certain amount of income or work particular times;

3. The partnership will recognise personal and family development as work that strengthens the capabilities of both the individual and the partnership itself;

4. Our families are part of our partnership, and we will always organise our events and endeavours with the mind to include them;

5. We recognise that time is the most precious and limited assets available to each of our partners. Furthermore, we understand that developing healthy families takes time. Together, we will actively explore and support one another to translate our skills, knowledge, and expertise into products that can generate a livelihood even when we are spending time with our families.

What’s in a name? Why ImpactReady?

We have always been interested in what it takes to create meaningful impact in the world. In other words:

Why do some projects/activities/initiatives in the world ‘work’ whilst others do not?

We believe it has something to do with the following:

1. Responding to ‘need’ (authenticity) rather than desire

We aren’t interested in vanity projects, but we ARE interested in projects which offer meaning and value to people.

2. Technical excellence married with passion

The capacity human beings have for extraordinary ingenuity is seemingly endless. We provide a platform for passionate people to be their creative selves and apply that in contexts where their skills add value.

3. Great Leadership (awareness, empathy)

We are as interested in the way in which things are done, as we are in the things

What’s happening in Scotland?

Scotland is a wonderful place to be – and it’s become home for me now. I simply can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world. I’ll let the pictures do the talking but here are some links to stuff that’s happening in this most amazing corner of the globe.