Three levels of work

With Organisations

As an organisation, how do you organise yourselves? How do you make decisions?  How do you communicate with each other?  Do you all experience during the day-to-day what your values say about you?

If these are questions you would like to explore more deeply, we would love to work with you. For organisations we offer:

Capacity Building & Training

Complex Evaluation & Impact Reporting

Organisational narrative ‘refresh’, review & refinement

With Leadership: 

Within your organisation, how do you want to be, as leaders? How do you define leadership?  How well is your leadership philosophy understood?  What kind of organisation are you leading?

To develop leadership capacity ImpactReady offers the following:

One-on-one coaching

Group Facilitation / Workshops

Strategic Review

With Systems: 

We all form parts of different systems, which are playing out all the time. Who are your stakeholders? What impact do you have on them? Do they benefit from being in relationship with you, or not? Are you in right relationship with them?

Thinking along these lines, ImpactReady offers the following:

Theory of Change & Systems Thinking

Stakeholder mapping & analysis