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Social Value
We believe that creating social value is sector agnostic. We work with the leaders of social businesses, community enterprises and beyond-profit organisations to create and achieve big visions.
We facilitate the design of cutting edge social programmes and products: turbocharging collaboration in order to re-imagine what technology, business models, and processes can do.
We love tackling complex evaluation challenges. Our approach to evaluation is focused on empowering participants, facilitating real-time learning, and generating robust independent evidence.

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Venture Capacity

High Performance Management Consultancy can not only make the difference between more and less success, but for startups and emerging social initiatives it can offer the chance to accelerate their growth and take their impact to the next level.

At ImpactReady we work with social organisations because we are passionate about making change happen. Yet, we also know that some of the highest potential social value creators are a long way from being in a position to take on management consultants.

Our answer: Venture Capacity.

We are experimenting with bringing a vested-interest business model to the high potential social impact sector. Venture Capacity takes the concept of venture capital to the social sector. But, rather than with venture philanthropy (which is non-profit), venture capacity remains geared to creating both a social and economic return. And, unlike impact investing, Venture Capacity is proactive: we help to maximise potential value by bringing a suite of services and expertise into the mix.

In practice this means we identify high potential social organisations and create a bespoke package of support to help take them to the next level. Our approach includes:

  1. Governance and board support – a critical friend for founders and leaders to ignite their organisational structures and deliver lasting strategic vision
  2. Impact frameworks and assessment tools – maximising, capturing and communicating the social value created by our partners
  3. Grants – financial, technology and technical donations to overcome critical capacity gaps
  4. Network and advocacy – connecting and promoting our partners to people who can help turbocharge their future performance

Rather than charging an upfront fee, ImpactReady Venture Capacity partners agree to pay a percentage of their income over the course of the agreement. This means that ImpactReady shares in the risk, and demonstrates our confidence and commitment to identifying and priming the next big social value creators.

We are proud to announce our founding Venture Capacity Partner, Power of Youth. PoY is creating a global network of young values-led entrepreneurs, powered by a series of immersive global summits and leadership programmes.


(WORK) with ♥

A vision. A brand. A commitment.

(WORK) with ♥ is our contribution to changing the way that enterprise works. We believe that empathy, integrity and passion should be at the core of social business. We are bringing together all of our own efforts to live out this commitment under (WORK) with ♥.

  • Our ethics and environmental policies – including using green energy wherever possible;
  • Venture Capacity – putting high performance management consulting within reach of startup and emerging social organisations
  • iR Foundation – working in partnership with The CHILD Trust to make small grants available to social organisations that inspire us
  • (TOUGH) with ♥ – fundraising for issues that we care about, the hard way
  • Live Below the Line – 5 days eating below the extreme poverty line

You can follow all our (WORK) with ♥ updates on our blog:


FIRE: Frierian Inspired Reflexive Evaluation

Capture the impact that you never get to see.

Step inside your programmes and gain a whole new view of their impact. ImpactReady are proud to partner with Ulrik Pedersen Photography to offer FIRE, a rich visual approach to capturing and learning about impact.

Read our blog post about what we think Friere would have to say about evaluation.

FIRE is more than just amazing photography. We travel deep inside your programme area, spending time immersed in the communities who participate, and capturing unique shots of what life is really like. This can give you and your stakeholders insights that are impossible to imagine from short field visits. And, because FIRE is already integrated with ImpactReady evaluation, you get stunning photography that communicates a robust analysis of your programme. It’s a whole new way to engage your stakeholders and to learn about the impact of your work.

FIRE is available as option for any ImpactReady evaluation. It is also available as a premium add-on for third-party evaluation processes and bids.

We will go anywhere. Capture the things you never get to see. And, facilitate real impact literacy

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FIRE: Frierian Inspired Reflexive Evaluation

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